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Reza Saleh
I am an Iranian-American artist based in California, weaving the threads of ancient arts from diverse cultures into the vibrant art of the contemporary world. My artistic journey is a dynamic exploration that delves into the realms of abstract and cubist expressions, echoing the innovation of ancient art within these avant-garde styles.

The fascination with realizing ancient art in a modern context is a driving force behind my creative process. Upon scrutiny, one recognizes that these age-old artistic expressions often grappled with timeless subjects, providing a lens through which we can examine and wrestle with the same issues today.

In the synthesis of abstract and cubist elements, my work becomes a unique amalgamation of materials, methods, concepts, and subjects, challenging the conventional boundaries of artistic expression. Engaging in a cultural dialogue, my art is a reflection on larger contextual frameworks, encompassing personal and cultural identity, family, community, and nationality.

Within the intricate dance of form and perspective, objects in my artworks undergo a transformative journey—analyzed, broken up, and reassembled in abstracted forms. This approach, inspired by the cubist movement, allows me to present subjects from a multitude of viewpoints, capturing the essence of the ancient in a contemporary context.

Education: Resaneha Media Training Institution, Tehran, Iran
   •    Certified Journalistic Graphics, 1996.

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